Live, work and play spaces designed so you can live life your way

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We’re saying ‘no’ to overpriced new builds, substandard rental properties, isolation and loneliness and making it possible for everyone to live in a home they’re proud of, and importantly, a home they can afford.

You see, we don’t believe you should ever have to compromise when it comes to lifestyle. So at CoCity, you choose how you live, work and play in your community — whether you’re ready to buy, are renting, keen on co-living, or looking at rent-to-buy options, you’ll always find something that works for you.

We’re making aspirational living affordable for everyone.

Our promise to you:

We’ll help you find the home and lifestyle you aspire to enjoy, regardless of taste, tenure or budget.
Our approach to flexible living means that we’ll pass on every saving we make, directly to you.
We’ll be 100% transparent.  We pride ourselves on being honest, open and truthful with you, through the good times and the bad.
We’ll admit and own our mistakes! We’ll strive to live up to our promises, and when we mess up, we will sort it. 
We’ll always respect you, our community, your diversity & your unique voice. 
We’ll work tirelessly to craft flexible living opportunities to help you feel you belong.
We’ll do our utmost to operate flexible, no-stress policies, allowing you to choose how you want to interact and live at CoCity. 
Ohh and we promise we are not a Cult :)

Work at CoCity

We believe the places you work should be stimulating and inspiring, somewhere you want to be, with facilities and spaces that make work more enjoyable for everyone. 

So whether you’re an employee, an established business or just getting started our workspaces are designed to help you grow. 

Play at CoCity

We all need to relax, workout and have fun sometimes, which is why we put a real emphasis on the need to make play easier and more convenient.Your CoCity community is designed to support your health and wellbeing and includes access to exciting boutique cafe-bars, gyms, studios and our unique community street - a special place designed to facilitate happy-collisions between individuals, and businesses. 

What’s a happy-collision you might be wondering? Simply, it’s that moment you meet someone or see something that makes a meaningful difference to your day.

As a CoCitizen you’ll enjoy…
Party with Co-Citizens from around the world
Enjoy great food, connection, and conversation
With music and entertainment from around the world
Meet and connect with friends and neighbours
Share your passion for food and culture
Enjoy informal bbq’s, food nights and themed parties
Share your individuality, passions, and talents 
Love yoga and meditation? Why not lead a class
Green fingers? Grow your own food
Giving back to our community, together
Think beach clean ups in Aberdeen
Tree planting in Guilford 

Are you ready to make life without compromise a reality?

Join CoCitizens around the world and live life on your terms
I’m ready, let’s go!